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Service employee

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Job Description

Every visitor wants to experience our unique 2theloo experience, therefore it is important to keep the toilets and other plumbing spotless. We work with sanitary design and carry luxury and comfort. 2theloo also has a shop with 'to go-products', which could come in handy for your commercial sales experience. As a service representative you play an important role, you are the face of our 2theloo team for our customers. You are an energetic, representative and service oriented person and thus you know how to achieve and exceed the commercial objectives of 2theloo.

Job Requirements

  • You have experience in the retail (and cleaning) industry;
  • You master the English language;
  • You are customer friendly, representative and have the appropriate commercial skills;
  • You are flexible, willing to work weekends and / or weekdays;
  • You live close to the establishment
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You are the face of our 2theloo team
for our visitors
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Your commercial sales experience is needed
for the ‘to go-products’
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You make sure that the toilets
are spotless for every visitor


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